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New September Burgers

The Fa-HEAT-a & The License To Dill

Do you like the heat of habanero peppers and the fresh taste of pico de gallo? Do you enjoy dipping your fried pickles in creamy buttermilk ranch? Then our September burgers are for you.

Our creamy hanabero sauce on The Fa-HEAT-a starts with us making a big batch of authentic Mexican crema. Then we mix in pureed onion, cilantro, adobo peppers, lime, avocado, seasoning, and, of course, habanero peppers. The crema helps to tame the heat from the habanero peppers, but you definitely knows it's there.

The Fa-HEAT-a toppings:

- fajita seasoning

- white queso

- creamy habanero sauce

- fresh pico-de-gallo


With a name like The License to Dill, we knew this couldn't just be a burger with some regular pickles on it. We HAD to take it to the next level! So, we combined crispy fried pickles and buttermilk ranch (a match made in heaven) with creamy dill Harvati cheese to create the perfect dill burger. If you like dill, then you need this burger in your life. 

The License to Dill toppings:

- creamy dill Harvati

- golden fried pickles

- buttermilk ranch


They are only available this month, so check out our food truck schedule and come get them while you can! 

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