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New July Burgers

It's July, so that means it's time for The Red, White, and Blue and The Blackbird burgers to be featured on the menu again!

The RWB burger may only have 3 toppings, but it packs A LOT of flavor. It's stuffed with tangy blue cheese and topped with mild wing sauce, and creamy buttermilk ranch. Be sure to grab a few extra napkins with this burger!

The Blackbird burger was created back in 2012 when Nashville's Blackbird Studio asked us to create a special burger for an event the were hosting. The burger was such a hit that we made it a regular on our featured burger rotation. It's stuffed with colby-jack and topped wtih Cajun seasoning, Benton's bacon, lettuce, and mayo.

Come get both of these burgers while they're on the menu!

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