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burger month

2018 National Burger Month Week 5

For the final week of National Burger Month, we're traveling from the USA to France for a twist on a classic Cordon Bleu stuffed chicken dish. Being a burger truck, we wanted to take the flavors everyone is familiar with and turn them in to a delicious burger. That's how we came up with Le Cordon Moo. 

We take a 1/3lb of local grass-fed beef stuffed with Mozzarella and top it with grilled sugar-cured ham, dijonaise, baby arugula, and panko breadcrumbs. 

Find it this week at the truck during our lunch shifts. 

2018 National Burger Month Week 4

For week 4, we're going from Cuba back to the USA for a burger that's a truly a hunka "Burnin' Love". Just one bite and you "Can't Help Falling In Love" with the unique flavors of The King.

It's a 1/3lb patty of Porter Road Butcher 50/50 ground bacon and beef topped with Benton's bacon, grilled bananas, creamy peanut butter, and strawberry preserves.

"Suspicious Minds" might questions the strawberry preserves, but it's sweetness counters the saltiness of the other ingredients so well that you wouldn't want it any other way. Believe us, it'll have you "All Shook Up". 

2018 National Burger Month Week 3

For week 3 of 2018 National Burger Month, we're going from The Kummerspeck in Germany down to the Caribbean for The Cubano.

Our version of the classic Cuban sandwich comes stuffed with swiss cheese and topped with grilled sugar-cured ham, pickles, yellow mustard, and mayo. 


Find it on our truck this week during our normal lunch shifts.

2018 National Burger Month Weeks 1 & 2

Kummerspeck - noun, German literal translation "Grief fat" or “the weight you gain from eating your emotions”.

Did you have a bad day? Did you break up with your significant other? Lose your job? Car broke down? Then you deserve to have the most delicious food imaginable to help you cope with your emotions. That is exactly what The Kummerspeck burger is all about. 

2018 National Burger Month

It's May so that means it's time for National Burger Month (and Nashville Street Food Month)! Every year to celebrate this great month we offer a special burger each week and those that are crowd favorites will be added to the rotation of burgers throughout the year.

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